The MulamFarms initiative not only benefits but also ensures empowering of local farmhands espcially youth allowing us to stay connected to our villages and having good livelihoods.


I am impressed with the adoption of modern technologies like IOT, CCTV, Drones, etc. for effective farm management and connecting all the stake holders.


We partner with Mulam Farms to work towards providing eco-friendly and sustainable housing solutions both on our farmlands as well as others.

Pandu Ranga Reddy

It is very convinient to see the procedures of Mulam Farms to ensure that there is clarity, transparency and simplicity in handling of all farm assets incl. Farmlands, equipments, infrastructure, etc.


It is heaterning to see that Mulam Farms ensures that livestock including Cows, Poultry, Goats, Ducks, etc. are well maintained and effectively integrated into the farmland setup.


I appreciate the Mulam Farms, emphasis on using green energy solutions incl. Solar, Electric Vehicles, etc. towards ensuring a more sustainable ecology.


Mulam Farms provides an avenue for City Dwellers, specially youth to connect with and experience farm living.


We support the Mulam Farms and the core Mulam initiative to grow and promote the use of organic produce and also all aspects of a healthier lifestyle incl. Yoga, Wellness, Mud Cutlery, Clothing, Arts, and much more.


It is exciting for Mulam Farms to to partner with like minded people and organizations to be an effective channel in promoting sustainable ecofriendly lifestyles.

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